The Luxury of Losses


Losses and ConflusionI’ll be the first to admit that I’m a loser when it comes to sunglasses, pens and keys. Call it distraction, absent-mindedness–or as my ex-husband and shrink used to say, “non-thinking beahvior patterns.” These are losses I’ve come to endure–sorta. But I’m the one who pays–in time lost searching and sometimes with money.

But what about our government? I understand “they” operate on a grander scale and that some taxpayer losses might follow–either through ineptness, greed or absolute care-lessness. Think IRS parties, Solyndra and other betrayals of the taxpayer. But a WTF jaw-dropper happened on this end of your screen when I saw this confession that the Federal Reserve had somehow misplaced something like…9 TRILLION dollars.

Am still digesting this–and wondering what I am missing? Dare we venture a guess?

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