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Breaking All Barriers, Luxury Homes Reach NINE Figures

by Roberta Murphy There is a class of homes that can only be called, for lack of a better word, the ultimate. These are the extreme and exceptional estates that are among the most expensive in the world. To call them luxury homes is an understatement. These properties have singular presence and price tags that go over the top. This year, all barriers were broken. Donald Trump’s lavish seven-acre estate…

Jumbo Mortgages

And Just What Is A Luxury Home?

    by Roberta Murphy It is a tough task in relativity to define a luxury home. One’s perspective has as much to do with the definition as does the opulence, location or architectural significance of a particular property. One man’s simple home is another man’s castle, and vice versa. Perhaps it is easier to consider what a luxury home is not. It is not a cookie cutter home in…

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