Trans Gender

The Luxury of TransGender Acceptance

by Roberta Murphy Life can throw curve balls at any age. Yesterday, I received a call regarding an old and recently widowed friend who, a year after wife’s death, is now transgender. I’m pretty accepting of most life choices and lifestyles, but to switch genders at 72 or 73 is kind of …a shock. Especially when this friend has been in your family’s life for 25 years. But hours to…


Diplomats Blocked from Luxury Apartments?

We’ve heard some rumbling at Luxury Home Digest that certain foreign diplomats are openly blocked from renting New York City apartments. Really? The operating words are diplomatic immunity. NYC is home to the United Nations and their foreign governments and representatives are immune from prosecution for such things as parking tickets, taxes, fines and fees coming from the city and state. They are also immune from most criminal prosecution, civil…

Montage Laguna Beach

La Montage Laguna Beach Sold: Priciest Yet

by Roberta Murphy Shattering California state records, Southern Califonia luxury hotel resort La Montage  recently sold foe $360 million–or around $1.4 million per room according to a recent article in the LA Times. Said rooms, by the way, go for around $600 per night each. This purchase price shatters all recent records in California and comes close to matching other pricy sales, which includes the Hotel Del Coronado, which recently sold…


Going Paleo and Whole 30

by Roberta Murphy Since last June, I’ve been much pickier (than usual) about the foods I eat. Processed foods have pretty much gone by the wayside as I have migrated to a more Paleo diet with periodic dives into the Whole 30 venture (google for recipes!). I’ve even been called a food snob on more than one occasion–and I take it with good cheer. If not fixing a green smoothie…

Edith Michelson

Happy Birthday to an Angel

God planted one of his angels on a chilly Saturday November 19 morning in Wichita Falls, Texas. She grew up dirt poor, mischevious, resourceful–and was a promising athlete until a blood infection settled into her hip at the age of 14, which left her periodically crippled much of her life. Edith Putnam Michelson was a beautiful woman with a 1000-watt smile. She also had a rocking sense of humor and loved…

Life, Change, Personal Power

Life, Change and Personal Power

Life can change quickly. Personal power helps. Last night, we returned from Anthony Robbins 4-day “Unleash the Power Within” event in Dallas. I had attended with two of my sons–Scott and Mark–and was open to whatever learning, changes and friendships I might absorb and make. The event delivered on all fronts. As we drove home from the San Diego airport hungry for dinner, we stopped off at Jimbo’s Market and…


Luxury Home Digest a Top Travel Blog?

by Roberta Murphy Imagine my surprise this morning when we were notified that Luxury Home Digest had been named a top travel blog in the world–albeit #87 on the list! Though we’ve written plenty about luxury homes, luxury destinations and favored hotels, more recently we’ve warned about travel to Mexico and Egypt because of political issues and potential dangers to travelers in these locations. And advising our readers to consider travel…

google Tracking

Are You Being Tracked by Google?

by Roberta Murphy Lately, have been thinking about the fact that I am tracked by Google almost everywhere I go–as long as my cell phone or tablet is with me. To the left, you can see results from an amazing program I discovered yesterday at Junkee, and mental wheels are turning. Panic hasn’t set in, but that’s probably because I’m a law-abiding citizen and really don’t have anything to hide. But still…. Like most…

A forest fed with cremated bodies.

The Luxury of Morphing into a Tree

Instead of a cemetery with headstones, imagine a forest full of lush and beautiful trees with birds twittering above…and all fed by the ashes of our relatives. Imagine the power of just one tree. I am personally not offended and have often suggested to sons and family that my eventual remains be fed to the tomato or kale plants in a garden somewhere. This cremation idea from Urbanios has really caught…

Dust mites on mattress

The Luxury of Breathing

My Dad Bob Michelson struggled with COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder). He, more than almost anyone I know, understood the luxury of breathing. But so do others. Especially those with allergies to dust mites. Long ago, I was holding an open house for a lovely pool home in a gated San Marcos, CA neighborhood. Mid-afternoon, a tall German man walked in and placed a small hygrometer on the dining room…