Luxury of Forgiving

The Luxury of Forgiving

I’m not sure why the luxury of forgiving pulls so strongly at me this morning, but perhaps it has to do with a beautiful story shared by Gena Riede that got me thinking. It’s an account of a woman distracted by three dogs who becomes confused about her place in line at a Starbucks drive-through.  She apparently cut off another woman, who proceeded to scream obscenities at her in obvious…

Wine on Tap

The Luxury of Wine on Tap

Haven’t heard of wine on tap? If so, you’re not alone. The concept is still foreign to the average beverage connoisseur. In fact, if most people were to walk into their favorite bar or restaurant and notice their wine was being served through a tube, they would do a double-take. However, an increasing number of luxury restaurants and bars across the U.S. are jumping on the trend, and for good…


Jumbo Loans Boosting 2013 Luxury Home Sales

Jumbo Loans are Back with a Bang to Fuel the Luxury Real Estate Market by Selena Cowell Is the luxury real estate market on the mend? Home sales and prices are gradually rising in those places where the wealthy would like to plant their mailboxes–such as Chicago’s North Shore, the San Francisco Bay area, the haute Hamptons and the Rancho Santa Fe and La Jolla areas near San Diego. According…

Corruption in Mexico

Another Warning Against Travel to Mexico?

by Roberta Murphy At the risk of infuriating some and appearing xenophobic, I am warning against travel to Mexico. Chances of ending up in a Mexican jail are probably pretty remote–unless of course you happen to be in the vicinity of illegal substances. That’s what happened to Yanira Maldonado, an Arizona mother of seven who is sitting in a Mexican jail. She had gone down to Mexico to attend a…

Jodi Arias

A Just Solution for Jodi Arias

by Roberta Murphy Let me start of by saying I am no Jodi Arias fan and I would be happy to never hear her name again as long as I live. Or see her face. So here’s my two cent solution for the judge in this case: Give Jodi the “lesser” punishment. Jodi Arias should be sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole (perhaps under supervision of…

Senior Discounts

The Luxury of a Senior Discount

Who doesn’t like a discount when stepping out? Below is a long list of restaurants, stores, grocery chains, airlines , hotels and car rental agencies that offer senior discounts–with minimum qualifying ages ranging from 50 to 65. Many of these discounts are not published or advertised, so you must ask for them. Please print or save this link for future reference, and if you have any corrections or additons, please…

Matte Gray BMW M3

Taking BMW to the Matte

by Roberta Murphy–I’m not really into the luxury of high maintenance–especially when it comes to cars. But could this this gun metal grey BMW that is otherwise not as the Frozen Gray M3 Coupe be an exception? It’s a sexy, slinky-looking car to be sure, but the exterior maintenance is sure to be a pain. Owners must fill out a special stack of paperwork before taking possession of their new…

Beverly House is most expensive rental in U.S

Most Expensive Rental in the U.S.

by Roberta Murphy–At $600,000 per month, the Beverly Mansion in Beverly Hills, is most likely contender for most expensive luxury rental in the nation.  And it’s got an interesting history as well. It was in the Beverly Mansion that the infamous horse-head-in-bed scene was filmed for The Godfather. John F. Kennedy and his bride honeymooned in the Beverly Mansion. Kevin Costner and Whitney Houston filmed scenes for The Bodyguard here. Marion…

Home Near Rancho Santa Fe

Between Rancho Santa Fe and the Beach…

…sits an irreplaceable plot of land that surely belongs to another century. The wide and expansive rear lawn backs up to pasture, wetlands and forest beyond.  Family of deer come grazing and cows come to visit when the lawnmower is at work. Late afternoons, it is not unusual to see colorful hot air balloons gliding across the sky–and the stars at night twinkle just a little brighter than in the…