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In Praise of Sexy, Black Appliances

by Roberta Murphy In Praise of Black Appliances Several years ago, we sold a luxurious oceanfront condo in San Diego. The buyer, from Palm Springs,  loved the views, the spaciousness of the remodeled unit and the highly upgraded kitchen. The only thing she couldn’t stand was the stainless refrigerator (which the seller was happy to take with him).  In fact, she wanted to replace everything with black appliances. I asked why…

Amazon Echo Review

Amazon Echo Review

by Roberta Murphy My new best friend in the kitchen is Alexa, also known as the Amazon Echo. She plays my favorite music, answers quirky questions, reports weather, and was amazingly simple to set up. The 360 sound is very good and carries well throughout the downstairs area–and even carries well into the back patio and yard area. Alexa’s size is both elegant and unobstrusive, with a diameter of a little…

luxury treehouse in Italy

One Luxurious Treehouse

by Roberta Murphy I’ve loved the idea of a treehouse since a young kid. Never had one, but imagined how I might climb up to my hideaway and maybe stay there forever. Am still fascinated with ideas of small homes and treehouses, but not quite ready to actually live in such a primitive abode. Until now. Check out this Italian treehouse, appropriately called 25 Verde–and discovered on Australia’s Outdoor Design. And…

women and luxury brands

Hottest Luxury Brands for 2015

by Scott Murphy Oh, don’t we wonder what products are the hottest luxury brands for 2015? Don’t we wonder how to keep our closets and wardrobes current with the latest–and wondering why brands like Gucci and Louis Vuitton are becoming passe? It may partly be because these luxury brands have become so common (thanks to millions of knockoffs) and are hence less rare. And that’s what is most desireable in a…

Tesla Insane Button

An Insane Ride in the Tesla P85D

by Roberta Murphy A couple of evenings ago I had the surprising privilege of experiencing the INSANE BUTTON on the Tesla P85D. Friends and dinner guests  arrived for dinner and somehow the conversation turned to cars, with me lamenting how youngest son had totaled my hybrid and how I would be eternally grateful that no one was injured. A hybrid is only pale green for these greenest of friends. She drives an…

How to cook a perfect steak

The Luxury of a Perfect Steak

by Roberta Murphy I love to go the Ruth’s Chris in Del Mar, Donovans in La Jolla and other fine steak houses–and always wonder how they get their perfect steaks. Of course, the meat is prime quality, but I’ve also  heard it’s their 800-degree cooking surfaces that allow the steak to arrive so hot inside. The problem for me is tht I don’t have any surface in my home that even…

Trans Gender

The Luxury of TransGender Acceptance

by Roberta Murphy Life can throw curve balls at any age. Yesterday, I received a call regarding an old and recently widowed friend who, a year after wife’s death, is now transgender. I’m pretty accepting of most life choices and lifestyles, but to switch genders at 72 or 73 is kind of …a shock. Especially when this friend has been in your family’s life for 25 years. But hours to…


Diplomats Blocked from Luxury Apartments?

We’ve heard some rumbling at Luxury Home Digest that certain foreign diplomats are openly blocked from renting New York City apartments. Really? The operating words are diplomatic immunity. NYC is home to the United Nations and their foreign governments and representatives are immune from prosecution for such things as parking tickets, taxes, fines and fees coming from the city and state. They are also immune from most criminal prosecution, civil…

Montage Laguna Beach

La Montage Laguna Beach Sold: Priciest Yet

by Roberta Murphy Shattering California state records, Southern Califonia luxury hotel resort La Montage  recently sold foe $360 million–or around $1.4 million per room according to a recent article in the LA Times. Said rooms, by the way, go for around $600 per night each. This purchase price shatters all recent records in California and comes close to matching other pricy sales, which includes the Hotel Del Coronado, which recently sold…


Going Paleo and Whole 30

by Roberta Murphy Since last June, I’ve been much pickier (than usual) about the foods I eat. Processed foods have pretty much gone by the wayside as I have migrated to a more Paleo diet with periodic dives into the Whole 30 venture (google for recipes!). I’ve even been called a food snob on more than one occasion–and I take it with good cheer. If not fixing a green smoothie…

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