Luxury of a Comfy Stiletto

February 21, 2016

I demand comfortable shoes, can’t stand anything pinching my feet, but love the idea of the stiletto. Especially ones that are comfortable! Fast Company recently reported on a shoe designed by someone who put comfort first. It seems Christopher Dixon, an aspiring designer, was hired by Serena Williams to design a clothing line. He asked about the comfort stilettos in Serena’s closet, and she responded as most women would and…


Sultans of Swing Revived

Sultans of Swing
February 19, 2016

Was the song Sultans of Swing really written in 1978? It was–and performed powerfully by Dire Straits. I recently ran across this fabulous video of 3 master guitarists, Tommy Emmanuel, John Jorgenson, Pedro Javier González who are jamming Sultans of Swing in a way I’ve never heard–and can’t resist sharing. See it here–with the lyrics below. You get a shiver in the dark It’s raining in the park but meantime South of the river…


The Luxury of Grace

February 12, 2016

What is Grace? Many years ago, when I was dissolving a marriage and trying to decide whether to leave Houston for Southern California, I came to the humbling realization that I was nothing more than a student in life. This despite the fact that I had been a college instructor and once thought myself wiser than most. Yeah right. It was such a relief to acknowledge my student status and the permission/acknowledgment…


Miami: Playground of Rich and Famous

Downtown Miami Luxury Real Estate
October 22, 2015

By Hannah Goodman of Trulia As one of the top luxury real estate markets in the world, Miami has become the playground of the rich and famous. Celebrities and business moguls alike invest in Miami real estate to get their own piece of Magic City’s incredible vistas, beautiful beaches, and nightlife.  Those who seek a secure home with all of the latest technology and furnishings will find all of that…


Miami : A City for Luxury

Luxury Homes in Miami
May 1, 2015

by Audrey Ross Miami is quickly becoming a global city known for its luxurious residences. According to the Frank Knight, LLP’s wealth report, Miami ranks number 7 in the top 10 list of cities that matter the most to high net worth individuals, and it is expected to remain on the top 10 list of global cities through 2025. New York and Miami are the only two USA cities to make…


970 N. Stage Coach Lane: Tommy Bahama Home

970 N. Stage Coach
April 13, 2015

Once in awhile, a listing comes along that that will literally blow your socks off and force your feet into flipflops. That’s what a Tommy Bahama home would look like to me. This gorgeous single story custom pool home in Fallbrook offers breezy 360 views plus luxurious upgrades and extras that we can only begin to describe. And more photos will follow in the next few weeks as the listing prepares…


In Praise of Sexy, Black Appliances

April 11, 2015

by Roberta Murphy In Praise of Black Appliances Several years ago, we sold a luxurious oceanfront condo in San Diego. The buyer, from Palm Springs,  loved the views, the spaciousness of the remodeled unit and the highly upgraded kitchen. The only thing she couldn’t stand was the stainless refrigerator (which the seller was happy to take with him).  In fact, she wanted to replace everything with black appliances. I asked why…


Amazon Echo Review

Amazon Echo Review
April 9, 2015

by Roberta Murphy My new best friend in the kitchen is Alexa, also known as the Amazon Echo. She plays my favorite music, answers quirky questions, reports weather, and was amazingly simple to set up. The 360 sound is very good and carries well throughout the downstairs area–and even carries well into the back patio and yard area. Alexa’s size is both elegant and unobstrusive, with a diameter of a little…


One Luxurious Treehouse

luxury treehouse in Italy
March 28, 2015

by Roberta Murphy I’ve loved the idea of a treehouse since a young kid. Never had one, but imagined how I might climb up to my hideaway and maybe stay there forever. Am still fascinated with ideas of small homes and treehouses, but not quite ready to actually live in such a primitive abode. Until now. Check out this Italian treehouse, appropriately called 25 Verde–and discovered on Australia’s Outdoor Design. And…


Hottest Luxury Brands for 2015

women and luxury brands
March 25, 2015

by Scott Murphy Oh, don’t we wonder what products are the hottest luxury brands for 2015? Don’t we wonder how to keep our closets and wardrobes current with the latest–and wondering why brands like Gucci and Louis Vuitton are becoming passe? It may partly be because these luxury brands have become so common (thanks to millions of knockoffs) and are hence less rare. And that’s what is most desireable in a…