Luxury of a Comfy Stiletto

stilettoI demand comfortable shoes, can’t stand anything pinching my feet, but love the idea of the stiletto. Especially ones that are comfortable!

Fast Company recently reported on a stiletto designed by someone who put comfort first. It seems Christopher Dixon, an aspiring designer, was hired by Serena Williams to design a clothing line. He asked about the comfort stilettos in Serena’s closet, and she responded as most women would and complained about discomfort but loving the look.

Dixon set about designing a stiletto that would be as comfortable as a sneaker and created the stunning and lovely Christopher Coy Collection.Stiletto Models

The high platform, as others have discovered, helps level out the foot. Dixon also decided to add desired stability and did so by creating a stiletto with two heels. At first, the two-heeled shoe looks odd or like something a rock star would flash on the red carpet. But after the initial shock, these are really attractive shoes.

But the inside of these stilettos in the Christopher Coy Collection are like none we have seen or experienced. There are the cushy aspects and memory foam we love in our athletic shoes. And calfskin leather linings.

Be still my heart!

Sixty lucky women tested the shoes and all said these were the most comfortable high heels in their closets. Inside each pair of stilettos is also a microchip that also connects to one’s smart phone and explains the shoe’s individual design and where the elements came from in Italy. It also helps identify the shoes as being genuine Christopher Coy creations–and not a knock-off.

Prices for Dixon’s lovely Christopher Coy heels start at $425 and currently top out at around $1100.

My personal favorite Dixon design? The Alcia! But there are a couple of others that have caught my eye as well! 

by Roberta Murphy