Hidden Castle for $399,000

hidden castleThough not exactly my taste, this hidden castle in Newport, Oregon is absolutely magnificent–and beyond amazing.

Yahoo reports that this average-looking suburban home hides inside a Renaissance-era castle, with hand-carved columns, exotics woods, 400-1000-year old priceless furnishings, tapestries, gilded ceilings and precious luxury fabrics that run $150 per yard. In fact, the dining room draperies are estimated to have cost around $14,000. It is, in other words, a hidden castle.

The home is dark, but leaded glass windows allow gem-like light to filter into the rooms.

Owned by the Right and Honorable Dowager Countess of Shannon, Almine Barton, who purchased the home in 1979 and raised her family there. A world traveler, Almine Barton lectured frequently on the play of light in art as well as spiritual healing. Hence, the dark rooms and leaded glass windows that play with light at different times of the day, shedding beautiful colors over the rooms. hidden castle

Her goal in selling this hidden castle is to downsize to a more manageable home. We must wonder, though, how many of the attached fixtures, fabrics and columns will remain? It would seem there is much hidden value in this hidden castle–especially when it is priced at $399,000!

Don’t miss seeing the photos below:

Hat Tip: https://www.yahoo.com/realestate/boring-facade-hides-outrageous-interior-011637537/photo-the-almost-too-normal-exterior-1453771007449.html

Roberta Murphy