Life, Change and Personal Power

Life can change quickly. Personal power helps.

Life, Change, Personal Power
Tony Robbins

Last night, we returned from Anthony Robbins 4-day “Unleash the Power Within” event in Dallas. I had attended with two of my sons–Scott and Mark–and was open to whatever learning, changes and friendships I might absorb and make.

The event delivered on all fronts.

As we drove home from the San Diego airport hungry for dinner, we stopped off at Jimbo’s Market and picked up some organic lettuce, brocolli and a bottle of refrigerated Udo’s Oil. Normally, we would have grabbed a bag of fish tacos or some other fast food and vanquished hunger pangs quickly. This time, we concocted a crisp green lettuce, tomato, brocolli and black bean salad topped with Udo’s Oil blended with fresh garlic, lemon, a dash of Furikake, sea salt and pepper. Oh–and we added a little portion of smoked salmon.

I also drank about 64 ounces of water during the journey home. (Another unusual behavior).

I awoke early this morning, did some breathing exercises and decided it feels good to be in an alkaline state. My batteries feel charged and something feels different as I start this day.  It’s not yet 7 a.m. (I was up at 5) and I am going through notes from the UPW event. Here is a random assortment:

  • Limited experiences create a limited life.
  • Change the way you think and change your life in a snap.
  • The only limits in life are those we impose on ourselves.
  • Rejection breeds obsession.
  • Quality of life is quality of emotions.
  • The only thing keeping me from what I want is the story I keep telling myself about why I can’t have it. It’s the story that screws us up.
  • Change is never a mattter of ability. It is always a matter of motivation.
  • The past does not equal the future–unless you live there.
  • It’s in your moments of decision that your destiny is determined.
  • Life will always pay what you ask of it. ASK and you will receive.
  • You are your rituals.
  • Conditioning is how I get myself to follow through.
  • Dance with your fears. Engage them.
  • Change your state, change your life. Wherever focus goes, energy follows.
  • Want to change your life? Change who you spend time with.
  • Good is the enemy of great.
  • Complexity is the enemy of execution.
  • You can’t manage something you can’t measure (or as I’ve heard don’t expect what you can’t inspect).
  • Demand more of yourself than anyone can possibly imagine. Compete with the best you can be.
  • Think: “Victory is near!” anytime you are feeling down.
  • Raise your standards, change your life.
  • All beliefs carry with them consequences.
  • Interrupt someone’s patterns and you change the person.
  • You get what you tolerate.
  • Does God grow? The start of the Bible is different from the end.
  • Success leaves clues. Study the sucessful. Sow the same seeds, reap same rewards. (Maybe)

These are some note snippets taken during the four day event–which I would highly recommend to just aboout anyone. This morning, thanks to the experience, I have vowed to afford little time to those things that are beyond my control and contribution.

I can help feed the hungry, I can share kindness, I can write. I cannot change those bent on terrorism, the drug cartels–or someone who has no desire to change for the better. Henceforth, I’ll have less or time-limited focus on news (will still vote!), will avoid political/religious/social arguments with others, and will cease bitching about weather, traffic and the price of oil.

Thanks for the encouragement, Tim Hurja. You made a difference.

Life is good. I want to make it better. —Roberta Murphy






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