10 Money Saving Tips–for even the Gucci Wallet

by Roberta Murphy

Money Saving Tips

Magic must be in the air.

Even our middle son Eric — who has never, ever cottoned to bagged lunches — packed one the other day and probably saved at least $5. This college student works part time, but last week discovered the agony of having to pay $1,800 or so for a new bumper and rear quarter panel that met a brick wall when he was backing out of a narrow Rancho Santa Fe driveway in the dark recently. This story has little to do with the great money saving tips I am about to pass along, except I’ll insert it first:

1. Pack a healthy lunch, fill a Thermos of coffee, and spare the environment another plastic bottle by carrying water in a reusable container. Eric now saves at least $5 per day out of his pocket. Take away a couple of dollars, max, for ingredients, and you are still dollars ahead

2. Paste a sticker that says, 800-FREE-411 (or 800-373-3411) onto both your cell and home telephone. Instead of paying your telephone service up to $3.50 for a telephone number, why not listen to a 10-second commercial and get the number for free? Makes sense to me.
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