Trash Journalism: US Weekly

by Roberta Murphy

Sarah Palin and TabloidsLuxury Home Digest is neutral politically and generally focuses on luxury homes and real estate issues.

But with a journalism background, there are several things I abhor–including mean-spirited personal attacks, hackers, shoddy reporting, and abuse of publishing power.

Not that we expect great things from grocery store rags like US Weekly, National Enquirer and Star Magazines, but I think we expect more from the glossy mags than the cheapie newsrags. 

It turns out that Jann Wenner, who also publishes Rolling Stone Magazine and has a decided political bent, approves of misleading headlines and the yellowest of journalism–as long as it targets those with whom he disagrees.

And US Weekly appears to be his latest yellow convertible.

Sure, Sarah Palin has a pregnant daughter–and had some issue with a former brother-in-law and his dismassal from Alaska law enforcement.–or some such thing.  

But lies and scandals?

After intense questioning, the editor of US Weekly acknowledged today that the “Lies” they had headlined dealt with the lies being spread by Sarah Palin’s political opponents–not prevarications being spread by Palin, McCain or anyone close to her.

Shame on US Weekly.

And shame Wenner and Rolling Stone Magazine–a former favorite.

Better to protray the truth, that twist your own lies and purposes into attention-grabbing headline$.

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