Rooms and More Rooms in Luxury Homes

by Roberta Murphy

Rooms for Outdoor entertainingWhat kinds of rooms might go into a luxury home? The possibilities are as varied as lifestyles.

I recall a luxurious mansion in Houston’s lovely River Oaks that had, in addition to every other conceivable room, a luggage room. It was a sensible space that accommodated the traveling owner’s large collection of leather suitcases, trunks and garment bags. When a trip was planned, the butler would retrieve the appropriate luggage and assist with the packing.

When expense and space are not restrictive issues, the floor plan of a luxury home can truly reflect the lifestyle of its owner.

Wine tasting room
Wine Tasting Room

Some of the more common possibilities might include:

  • A large morning room off the kitchen for casual family dining. This is simply an expansion of the traditional breakfast room.
  • Large formal dining rooms still prevail and are a must for indoor formal entertaining.
  • A butler’s pantry between the kitchen and formal dining area that may be equipped with china cabinets, lined flatware drawers, crystal storage and wine refrigeration.
  • An oversized and well-organized pantry in the kitchen that has room for a freezer.
  • A master closet that invites relaxation.
  • A temperature-controlled wine room that might even accommodate a tasting table or two.
  • A game room that might hold a pool table, arcade games and even a karaoke stage.
  • A high-ceilinged music room for the grand piano and other musical enjoyment.
  • Forget strip closets. Luxury homes demand oversized and highly organized walk-in dressing rooms.
  • Personal gyms are a common requirement in luxury homes. They are typically located off the master bedroom or near outdoor amenities.
  • The plush home theater with cushy seats, popcorn machine and huge screen have become very popular.
  • A home library offers a quiet room for books, reading and reflection.
  • A conservatory provides a glass-walled transition between the luxury residence and its natural surroundings–and is a lovely spot for casual entertaining.
  • A sunroom may be located anywhere in the home, but provides a casual place to enjoy sunshine and views.
  • Home offices are often a requirement for busy owners and their staff.
  • Outdoor living rooms and areas are treasured in warmer climates. See photo above.
  • A large laundry and project room may have multiple washers and dryers, a steam closet, and cabinets for project storage. It should also have space for a large, multi-purpose table.
  • A snoring room off the master bedroom. Enough said….

Common to luxury homes in San Diego are loggias and fully-equipped outdoor kitchens, which allow for year round outdoor dining and entertaining. It is also not uncommon to find poolside cabanas, dressing rooms and steam rooms. In mountain communities, luxury chalets will likely have mud rooms and ski lockers.

As suggested earlier, it is the lifestyle and taste of the affluent that will ultimately determine the configuration of their luxury homes.

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  1. I love the idea of a snoring room.

    It may interest you to know that, here in England, it is common for “grand houses” to have a bed in the dressing room for this very purpose.

    Our house isn’t that grand, but we have a bed in my dressing room that my wife sometimes decamps to 🙂

  2. Mark:

    I thought the snoring room an occasional oddity, until I spoke with a reporter doing a story on the subject. It appears to be a necessity in some relationships–and can be used by either the noisemaker or the victim.

    I admit to retreating to the sofa on occasion.

  3. Roberta,
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    You, Roberta Murphy are the expert when it comes to Buying and Selling Luxury Homes in the San Diego area.

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    I hope the authorities Jim has contacted are able to reveal and prosecute the perpetrators. And perhaps an example can be made for other would-be site destroyers.

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  6. Roberta – The amenities in these luxury homes are simply amazing, beyond anything I even dream of in a home! This is a timeless post, hopefully the rest will be restored soon. I learned of your plight from Gena Riede on her AR blog.

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