50 Simple Feng Shui Tips

by Roberta Murphy

Feng Shui TipsI was asked to share some simple Feng Shui tips for home offices, written by Laura Milligan over at the Bootstrapper Blog. She lists 50 great ones, but I’ll tease you with a few she has listed in her article.
In spite of a personal bookshelf full of Feng Shui education, I found these suggestions particularly useful in that I am currently refiguring my own home office and need constant reminding to keep the chi flowing freely.

Some of my favorite reminders from Laura?

1. Rearrange furniture regularly. You don’t have to move the contents of an entire room, just do enough to shift the energy flow. You’ll feel the difference!

2. Make sure your furniture and accessories represent the elements of fire, wood, earth, metal and water. Most furniture is wood, but the other elements can be added via pottery (earth), furniture and plants (wood), fountains or paintings with water (water), brass lamp and/or wind chimes (metal), and lighting or a candle (fire).

3. Don’t overcrowd a room and if possible, leave 3 feet between pieces of furniture. I can’t sit that far from my desk, but some Feng Shui practitioners would suggest that I leave my chair 3 feet out when not at my desk. Hmm….(that may be a difficult Feng Shui tip!)

4. Consider hanging a mirror over your computer and desk so that you enlarge the feel of the room and can keep an eye on what is behind you (Feng Shui suggests you always be alert to doors–and never sit with your back to one.

5. If it doesn’t have a function, you don’t need it (and function could be that it is simply something you love). Again, allow for the free flow of chi/energy.

6. Play soothing music throughout the day to relieve stress and drown out distracting noises.

7. Eliminate clutter, hide cords, file away loose papers, don’t eat at your desk and clean up before leaving the desk.

For the entire list of 50 tips (we’re a digest, remember?), pay a visit to the Bootstrapper Blog. It’s a worthwhile trip!
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  1. As I sit here at my cluttered desk, with my chair right up against it, eating my lunch…. Great tips! I think I’ll unclutter my desk today. Thanks for a healthy reminder.

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