• It’s a Buyers Market for Luxury Homes
  • Hidden Castle for $399,000
  • Most Expensive Rental in the U.S.
  • Between Rancho Santa Fe and the Beach…
  • The Luxury of a $500,000 Closet
Tax Laws and Luxury Home Sales

Luxury Home Sales Hit by New Tax Laws?

by Roberta Murphy Realtors in California were groaning when the new tax laws hit this year. Luxury home sales were sure to crash and burn. You see, the new tax code puts a limit on how much one can deduct in state and local property taxes–as well as income or sales tax–up to a measly total of $10,000. So when new tax laws went into effect, high profile experts were…

Cryotherapy for the face

Cryotherapy: Freeze Your Face and Turn Back Time

by Roberta Murphy Last Christmas, son Scott gave me a series of passes to a cryotherapy center in Del Mar. I would strip down to only underwear, special mittens and insulated socks. Then, I would step into a cubicle and freeze my patootie off for 3 minutes in swirling gases that registered like 180 degrees below zero. It felt like my frozen skin was going to crack and fall off…

Garden Dirt

Garden Dirt as Anti-Depressant?

by Roberta Murphy I have always felt such a sense of peace when I am in the garden fooling around with dirt and plants, but never gave it much thought until this morning. I read an article today relating research that confirms my senses: Garden Dirt actually serves as an anti-depressant. And could take the place of Prozac. I don’t suffer from depression and have never taken Prozac, but I…

HGC Weight Loss

The Luxury of Weight Loss with HCG Diet

Weight Loss and HCG Nothing tastes as good as thin feels, have said Kate Moss, Tony Robbins and Stephen Covey. Some might also add that Nothing tastes as good as healthy feels. Lately, I’ve been feeling pretty good. Weight loss shows me down 12 pounds after 13 days, following the HCG regimen as part of a 30-day program that limits me to 500 calories per day. The following are some…

Luxury Homes

It’s a Buyers Market for Luxury Homes

Now may be the time to grab one of those luxury homes you’ve been watching. The price of luxury homes varies from market to market. In some, it could be $700,000 and others over $2 million. In the San Diego luxury home market, we see luxury homes priced north of $2 million languishing on the market a little longer than ones priced below that number. On the other hand, that…


Luxury of a Comfy Stiletto

I demand comfortable shoes, can’t stand anything pinching my feet, but love the idea of the stiletto. Especially ones that are comfortable! Fast Company recently reported on a stiletto designed by someone who put comfort first. It seems Christopher Dixon, an aspiring designer, was hired by Serena Williams to design a clothing line. He asked about the comfort stilettos in Serena’s closet, and she responded as most women would and…

Sultans of Swing

Sultans of Swing Revived

Was the song Sultans of Swing really written in 1978? It was–and performed powerfully by Dire Straits. I recently ran across this fabulous video of 3 master guitarists, Tommy Emmanuel, John Jorgenson, Pedro Javier González who are jamming Sultans of Swing in a way I’ve never heard–and can’t resist sharing. See it here–with the lyrics below. You get a shiver in the dark It’s raining in the park but meantime South of the river…


The Luxury of Grace

What is Grace? Many years ago, when I was dissolving a marriage and trying to decide whether to leave Houston for Southern California, I came to the humbling realization that I was nothing more than a student in life. This despite the fact that I had been a college instructor and once thought myself wiser than most. Yeah right. It was such a relief to acknowledge my student status and the permission/acknowledgment…

hidden castle

Hidden Castle for $399,000

Though not exactly my taste, this hidden castle in Newport, Oregon is absolutely magnificent–and beyond amazing. Yahoo reports that this average-looking suburban home hides inside a Renaissance-era castle, with hand-carved columns, exotics woods, 400-1000-year old priceless furnishings, tapestries, gilded ceilings and precious luxury fabrics that run $150 per yard. In fact, the dining room draperies are estimated to have cost around $14,000. It is, in other words, a hidden castle. The…


Sounds of Silence

Instead of silence, I sometimes get lost in the luxury of listening to and re-listening again and again, certain songs. And once in a blue moon I save and share them here.  This heavy metal version of Sounds of Silence, by Disturbed, deserves the saving. I love the militant and brutal style of presenting this deep classic by Simon and Garfunkel. Loved it then and love it now. Just a…

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